Alawi Enterprises LLC is an investment management company with diverse business interests which was founded by the late Mr Qais bin Abdul Munim Al-Zawawi in 1975 and is now owned by his eight Legal Heirs. The Company is currently managed by a Board of Directors comprising three of Mr Zawawi's sons, Alawi, Talal and Abdul Munim and his two daughters, Siham and Lubna. The Managing Director is Mr Maurice Hynett, who heads a team of finance and administrative staff.

Internationally, Alawi Enterprises' business development is conducted through subsidiary offices in London and Florida. The core of our international business is property development and supervision of a number of portfolios based on a variety of investment opportunities.

Within the Sultanate of Oman, a number of investment positions are held, either majority or minority, in a diverse range of companies.

Please click on any of the following business activity links to connect directly to the Alawi Enterprises group company, or companies, which provide services in that area of activity:

Carillion Alawi
Tarmac Zawawi
Al Asala

Oil and Gas
Fortress Energy
Gulf Development Trading Enterprise

Muscat Pharmacy

Norwich Union
Risk Management Services

Courier Services
DHL International

Defence services
VT Group and Airwork Limited
Zubair Travel & Tours
American Express
Avis Oman
Czech Airlines


Albert Abela
Sahara Hospitality

Motor Vehicles

Zawawi Trading
Avis Oman

Carillion Alawi
Tarmac Zawawi

Contracting Company

Oman Hardware

The Alawi Enteprises office is situated in the capital city of Muscat. Go to the "Contact Us" button for address and telephone details, or e-mail us direct using the special e-mail link provided.
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